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Specialising in financial services and retail insurance solutions


Journey is a Digital Marketing Ecosystem focussed on customer acquisition and revenue maximisation in the Financial Services Market

Digital Customer Acquisition

Journey has developed it’s core competence in outbound digital customer acquisition marketing tools. Using a range of marketing tools, unique communication journeys are built to adapt to homogeneous market segments and to individual customer behaviour. 

Frequency, digital marketing medium and  content are continually adapted to each customer’s response propensity and specific actions. This approach sees every customer’s communication journey being unique to their needs and behaviour.

Importantly these tools maximise customer acquisition rates and minimise wasted costs on targeting the wrong prospects.

Journey has worked with financial partners and credit bureau providers in building:
  • Customer profiling and pre-screening tools
  • Outbound digital marketing tools incl
    • Web
    • Facebook
    • Sms
    • Our purpose built embedded Splash URL links
  • Digital loan fulfillment websites
    • Loan scorecards
    • Customer ID and income verification
    • Digital contracts

Maximise Revenue Per Customer

Research shows the acquisition cost of a New Customer may be up to 10 times that of keeping an existing customer. This fact is supported by extensive global marketing research and underlines the value of Affinity Marketing to Existing Customers.


Digital Marketing has further enhanced the success and efficiency of Customer Retention and Up-Sell strategies.

Journey specialises in affinity marketing to financial services and insurance Corporate Customers. Our customer profiling and digital marketing solutions offer a significant revenue boost on existing and previous customers.

Journey-developed affinity software tools offer our unique competence in rapid implementation of digital affinity strategies - with minimal impact on business operations.  

Journey Affinity Marketing Solutions are built on the principles of:

  • Simplicity
  • Customer Life cycle Management
  • Communications unique to each Customer


Existing and previous customer engagements are a company’s most valuable assets.


Journey’s success in financial services and insurance affinity marketing is the result of partnerships and collaborations with industry leading service providers.

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Journey and Majestic have jointly developed a fully hosted database platform; bulk marketing tool and sales force management system focused specifically on Journey’s corporate affinity needs.

Centred around the concept of a Communication Journey, the solution has unique competence in lead generation and contact management, fully customisable CRM and Sales Reporting. Viral marketing capability and gateways into email, sms and fax, enable end-to-end affinity marketing services.

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Journey is the founder and majority shareholder of Monify specialises in financial offers and solutions for Homeowners and Public Service Employees.

Monify tools and services help customers on their financial journey providing access to the best loan and related financial services – including homeloans, funeral cover and credit reports.

Monify’s vision is to help customers save money and make the best decisions on financial services with South Africa’s most reputable service providers.

Monify has aligned with some of the most reputable financial service providers in their respective markets including Direct Axis, Old Mutual, African Bank, Finchoice and Finbond Mutual Bank.

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Medway is an Authorised Financial Service Provider (Licence No. 15624).

Having been the driving force behind the FedHealth Medical Scheme, Medway has developed the insight required to tailor-make the most comprehensive range of medical top-up insurance products available today.

All Medway insurance products are unique to Medway and are distributed by a highly professional network of expert Medway Advisors.

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DirectAxis SA (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services provider and is one of South Africa’s leading personal loan providers. They believe that the management of finances should be as simple as possible for their customers. As such they pride themselves on offering their customers direct access to financial solutions that are easy, convenient and right for them.

With 15 years experience in serving their customers, DirectAxis offers efficient, transparent and exceptional financial service.

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Lightstone is a dynamic company providing comprehensive data, analytics and systems on property, automotive and business assets. Lightstone has access to unique and proprietary data sets allowing sophisticated analytics and data modelling. Customers are able to harness the information to make business crucial decisions.


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